Jean Marsh

BIRTH DATE:  7/1/1934
DEATH DATE:  Still Traveling!
CRAFT:  Entertainment
PROFESSION:  actress and writer
TRAVELS:  Traveled in multiple episodes of the TV Series, including The Crusade (1965) as Lady Joanna, the sister of Richard I (The Lionheart). She returned later that year as companion Sara Kingdom in the 12-part serial The Daleks' Master Plan. Marsh reprised the role in the audio plays Home Truths in 2008, The Drowned World in 2009, The Guardian of the Solar System in 2010, The Five Companions in 2011 and The Anachronauts in 2012. She also appeared in the 1989 television serial Battlefield as Morgana Le Fay, as well as the 2007 audio play The Wishing Beast. She made an un-billed cameo appearance in the 2013 docudrama about Doctor Who, An Adventure in Space and Time. Also, played Morgana in the 1989 TV movie, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court