A Day in Time

Releases for 1 / 18 / 22

 27675  48635

Future Man / 27675

Stu introduces a depressed Tiger to his simulation where anything can be reality, drawing them closer than ever before. Starring Josh Hutcherson as Josh Futterman.

 27957  59157

Repeat / 27957

Ayumi Shinozaki (Shihori Kanjiya) receives a strange call telling her that an earthquake will occur one hour from now. She hangs up the phone thinking it was just a prank call. One hour later, she feels herself sway a little.

 27192  59155

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir / 27192

Claymore has an accident hurting his back and ends up convalescing at Gull Cottage running the Carolyn (Hope Lange) and the Muir's ragged.

 27535  58411

Resurrection / 27535

Things get shaky when a trance takes place in Arcadia involving the returned. Secrets are revealed. Featuring Landon Gimenez as Jacob.

 25214  48461

The Librarians / 25214

The changing destinies of the Librarians who must prevent history being rewritten at Camelot. Directed by Jonathan Frakes.

 25188  58208

Kami wa saikoro wo furanai: Kimi wo wasurenai / 25188

Plane trip slips 10 years into the future. Starring Kyoko Toyama.

 20938  57673

Fringe / 20938

As the Observers evaluate Michael and begin to learn of his abilities and potential, Olivia (Anna Torv) embarks on a dangerous quest to rescue him.

 20098  56286

Doctor Who (1963-1989) / 20098

UNIT attempt to get into the bunker to stop Miss Winters setting off the world's nuclear missiles but first they have to get past the K1. Starring Tom Baker as The Doctor.

 19976  57042

Doctor Who (1963-1989) / 19976

Selris succeeds in drawing the Krotons out of the Dynatrope but Eelek agrees to hand the Doctor and Zoe (Wendy Padbury) over to them in return for their leaving the planet.

 19792  57145

Doctor Who (1963-1989) / 19792

The Doctor (William Hartnell) and his friends realize that their only chance of recovering the fluid link is to persuade the Thals to fight back against the Daleks.

 19745  51099

Doctor Who (1963-1989) / 19745

The Doctor, Adric (Matthew Waterhouse), Nyssa and Tegan encounter the frog like Monarch, ruler of the doomed planet Urbanka.

 19752  47080

Doctor Who (1963-1989) / 19752

The Tardis lands on Manussa where Tegan (Janet Fielding) once again gets possessed by the Mara, who plan to break into the physical world.

 19007  58128

A Traveller In Time / 19007

Penelope (Sophie Thompson) lives in the twentieth century, and it is only when she goes to live with her aunt at Thackers, a remote, ancient farmhouse, that she finds herself traveling back in time.

 18972  42578

Timeslip / 18972

Part 5 - Escaping from the dying Ice Box, Simon and Liz (Cheryl Burfield) are transported by the time barrier to an alternate 1990.

 17993  57569

Garth and Bev / 17993

Cartoon for preschoolers where two Bronze Age kids are sent by a druid around time to discover how nature has influenced technology, with the help of their grandfather, a mystical druid with magical abilities. Created by Andrew Kavanagh.

 14909  40000

The 1940s House / 14909

A couple, their daughter and two grandchildren volunteer to spend several weeks living under wartime conditions. Narrated by Geoffrey Palmer.

 14887  58048

Frequency / 14887

Raimy and Frank (Riley Smith) make a huge discovery while continuing their search for the Nightingale killer. Meanwhile, Stan is willing to do anything to bring Frank down.

 16491  55487

The Science of Star Trek / 16491

How real is the 'science' in Star Trek? Andre Bormanis shares clips from the movies and TV series are used to illustrate the concepts of: faster-than-light travel, time travel, and more. Featuring Stephen Hawking.

 26139  40000

My First Time / 26139

A young girl travels back in time 10,000 years to the 21st Century to help guide a young boy toward the future he needs to have. Because the man he will eventually become is the scientist who discovers the secret that makes time travel possible.

 25281  56025

Ryusei Wagon / 25281

The story depicts a man's magical experience traveling back in time to redo his life and rebuild broken relations with his family. Featuring Teruyuki Kagawa.

 23583  57725

Tom's Midnight Garden / 23583

Tom (Jeremy Rampling) lives in his 1950s city apartment building by day, and visits a girl playmate in a 1880's country house by night.

 22078  55638

The Silurian Tales: All of Creation / 22078

Written by Steven Utley.

 15688  49525

Teen Knight / 15688

A young teenager (Kris Lemche) wins a contest for a "Midevil Adventure" from a soda company. During the night, a spell cast over 600 years prior brings the castle, the winners, and a film crew back to 1383.

Births for 1 / 18 / 22

 59151  23539

Constance Moore / 59151

Traveled as Wilma Deering in the Buck Rogers movie serial (1939)

 58815  15183

Jah Shams / 58815

Traveled in the film Final: The Rapture (2013)

 58768  26296

Yuu Mizushima / 58768

Traveled in the film A Time Slip of 10000 Years (1983)

 58514  16398

Danny Kaye / 58514

Traveled in the TV movie Here Comes Peter Cottontail (1971)

 58354  18110

Jason Segel / 58354

Traveled in the TV series How I Met Your Mother episodes "The Window" (2009) and "The Time Travelers" (2013)

 58221  25611

Dick Durock / 58221

Traveled in the TV series Swamp Thing episodes "Destiny" (1992) and "The Hurting" (1993)

 49338  15179

Kevin Costner / 49338

Traveled in the film Field of Dreams (1985)

 47060  15053

Jane Horrocks / 47060

Traveled in the TV series, Wyrd Sisters (1997), and the film Christmas Carol: The Movie (2001)

 53231  16768

Petra Yared / 53231

Traveled in the TV series, Mirror,Mirror (1995-1998)

 56396  15730

Tommy Handley / 56396

Traveled in the film Time Flies (1944)

 52825  15846

Paul Angelis / 52825

Traveled as the voice of Ringo in the film Yellow Submarine (1968).

 47220  15597

Jay Chou / 47220

Wrote, directed, and starred in the film Secret (2007) and Kung Fu Dunk (2008)

 42091  19290

Burnie Burns / 42091

Writer, director and traveler in the Web Series Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles (2003 - )

 52875  97132

Paul Ehrenfest / 52875

Author of the Ehrenfest paradox (1909) which concerns the rotation of a "rigid" disc in the theory of relativity.

Deaths for 1 / 18 / 22

 59094  14913

Dr. Frank Baxter / 59094

Hosted the Bell Science film About Time (1962), and read "A Christmas Carol" on PBS station KCET (1965)

 54502  21546

Rudyard Kipling / 54502

Wrote the collection of stories Puck of Pook's Hill (1906)

 40193  20508

Al Waxman / 40193

Traveled in the film Millennium (1989, and as Judge Othniel in 44 episodes of the TV series Twice In A Lifetime (1999-2001).