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Monday September 28th, 2020

On this day in 1968,
season 6 of Doctor Who (1963-1989)
episode 8: The Mind Robber (Part 3 of 5)
was first broadcast.

The Doctor (Patrick Troughton) realizes that the travelers are trapped in a world where fiction is real and where creatures are a threat if people believe in them.

On this day in 2013,
season 1 of Jacob's Ladder
episode 7: Samuel's Destiny, Part 2
was first broadcast.

Youth are transported back to Biblical times, to experience stories firtshand: As he begins to hear from God, Samuel transitions into the role of prophet.

On this day in 2010,
season 3 of Being Erica
episode 2: Moving On Up
was first broadcast.

It's been three weeks since Erica (Erin Karpluk) broke up with Ethan, yet whatever she does, she just can't stop thinking about him.

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On this day in 1974,
season 1 of Land of the Lost (1974-1977)
episode 4: Downstream
was first broadcast.

The Marshalls attempt to escape the Land of the Lost by river and wind up trapped in a cave with a daffy Confederate miner. Featuring Wesley Eure as Will.

19541  54838

On this day in 1990,
season 3 of Quantum Leap
episode 1: The Leap Home (Part 1)
was first broadcast.

Sam (Scott Bakula) leaps into himself as a teenager to help his high school basketball team win the championship.

On this day in 2003,
season 1 of Timeblazers
episode 13: Rumbling and Romance
was first broadcast.

On St. Valentine's Day, Shakira learns about odd customs and rituals in the history of romance. Mike Ackerman co-stars as Sam.

15724  50438

On this day in 1979,
Time After Time
first opened in theaters.

H.G. Wells (Malcolm Mcdowell) pursues Jack the Ripper from 1893 London to 1979 San Francisco when the serial murderer escapes in the future writer's time machine.

17132  53985

On this day in 1996,
season 4 of Animaniacs
episode 5: When You're Traveling From Nantucket
was first broadcast.

Yakko (Rob Paulsen) explains the relativity of time zones in the informative musical number "When You're Traveling From Nantucket."

On this day in 1980,
season 2 of Sport Billy
episode 3: Mystery Of The Russian Cave
was first broadcast.

Sport Billy (Lane Scheimer), with the help of his friends Lilly and Willy, and a spaceship that is also a time machine, travels wherever and whenever he is needed to stop the evil witch Vanda.

On this day in 1991,
season 1 of Land of the Lost (1991-1992)
episode 4: Jungle Girl
was first broadcast.

As three moons move closer together, the animals become possessed with the urge to jump off a certain cliff. Starring Timothy Bottoms as Tom Porter.

On this day in 1996,
season 1 of Early Edition
episode 1: Pilot
was first broadcast.

A stockbroker (Kyle Chandler) recently evicted by his wife starts receiving tomorrow's edition of the Chicago Sun-Times. This offers the opportunity to win at gambling, or to use the foreknowledge to help people.

On this day in 1997,
season 1 of Ghost Stories
episode 1: Back Ward
was first broadcast.

The new chief psychiatrist (Marcy McGuigan) at an old mental institution is haunted by images from the hospital's cruel past.

Michael O'Hare, American actor, died on this day in 2012 (and was born in 1952).

Traveled with the crew in the TV series episodes of Babylon 5: Babylon Squared (1994), "War Without End, Part 1 and 2" (1996)

Happy 42nd Birthday Lucas Bryant!

Lucas Bryant, Canadian-American actor, was born on this day in 1978.

Traveled in the TV series Haven (2010-)

On this day in 1970,
season 5 of Dark Shadows
episode 192: Episode 1111
was first broadcast.

In the mausoleum secret room, Julia sees the chained coffin of Barnabas (Jonathan Frid).

On this day in 2017,
season 2 of Glitch
episode 3: All Too Human
was first broadcast.

Remembering more from his past, William finds Elishia and once again they share the love that they have for each other. Relieved to have her lover back, Elishia confesses the truth to him.

On this day in 1970,
season 1 of Timeslip
episode 1: The Wrong End of Time: Part 1
was first broadcast.

Part 1 - A fantastic series of events is set in motion which sends teenagers Simon Randall (Spencer Banks) and Liz Skinner back in time to 1940 .


Happy 39th Birthday Daniel Bonjour!

Daniel Bonjour, South Africa-born actor, was born on this day in 1981.

Traveled in the TV series Frequency (2016-2017)

On this day in 2014,
season 2 of Witches of East End
episode 11: Poe Way Out
was first broadcast.

Joanna (Julia Ormond), Freya and Wendy revisit one of their past lives.

23283  59039

On this day in 1998,
season 1 of Histeria!
episode 12: China
was first broadcast.

The gang take a pop quiz and join the Confucius Group again. Featuring Jess Harnell as Wang Newton.

On this day in 2014,
season 2 of Resurrection
episode 1: Revelation
was first broadcast.

Bellamy (Omar Epps) awakens alone and abandoned at Arcadia's outskirts, missing a week of his life. As his memory returns, he has a shocking revelation.

On this day in 2012,
first opened in theaters.

In 2074, when the mob wants to get rid of someone, the target is sent 30 years into the past where a hired gun (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) awaits.

On this day in 1968,
season 1 of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
episode 2: Haunted Honeymoon
was first broadcast.

When a young couple on the way to their wedding end up staying the night, Captain Gregg (Edward Mulhare) thinks they should get married immediately.

27541  40252

On this day in 1974,
season 1 of Valley of the Dinosaurs
episode 4: Smoke Screen
was first broadcast.

Two bipedal baboon like creatures (called Geebos) are chasing a Compsagnathus into a tar pit. Starring Alan Oppenheimer as Gorok.

On this day in 2009,
season 1 of The Channel X News Team & the Battle for the Future
episode 5: Teen Wolf 3
was first broadcast.

During a string of wild dog attacks throughout the city of Philadelphia, Tim begins to suspect that he is being stalked by a bloodthirsty werewolf. Starring Mary Sharples as Mary.

20330  55779

On this day in 1987,
season 24 of Doctor Who (1963-1989)
episode 4: Time And The Rani (Part 4 of 4)
was first broadcast.

The Rani, at last, links the Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) into her great brain machine, the crowning jewel in her component packet of geniuses.

On this day in 2013,
season 1 of Rabbids Invasion
episode 7: Jurassic Rabbid
was first broadcast.

In a polar research station, the Rabbids uncover a Rabbid ancestor encased in ice. Voiced by Damien Laquet

On this day in 1970,

Simon (Spencer Banks) and Liz are teenage friends who fell into a time hole and found themselves trapped in various periods of the 20th century.

On this day in 1991,
season 1 of Back to the Future - The Animated Series
episode 3: Forward To The Past
was first broadcast.

To test a new invention called the Sonic Garbage Molecular Redistributor, without Marty, Doc (Dan Castellaneta) and the boys head back to prehistoric times (before 3,000,000 B.C.) so that they will not endanger anyone.

Happy 44th Birthday Uke Bosse!

Uke Bosse, German media creator, actor and university lecturer, who works in the field of video games., was born on this day in 1976.

Hosted the TV series Play! episode "Time Traveller's Edition (2010)

On this day in 1991,
season 2 of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures (1990-1991)
episode 3: The Star Strangled Banner
was first broadcast.

Bill and Ted (Christopher Kennedy) travel to the War of 1812 in order to convince Frances Scott Key to write a song that is easier to sing.

On this day in 1996,
Early Edition

His name is Gary Hobson (Kyle Chandler). He gets tomorrow's newspaper today. He doesn't know how. He doesn't know why. All he knows is, he has twenty-four hours to set things right.

Happy 66th Birthday Evan Lurie!

Evan Lurie, American composer and musician, was born on this day in 1954.

Created scores for the Voyagers! TV series episode "The Day The Rebs Took Lincoln" (1982), and the film Happy Accidents (2000).



Which title below delivers this tagline?

Nothing can stop him, not even time.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Time Walker

150,000,000 Years Ago or Today?


The Lost World

Army of Darkness

The Future Is In Her Hands

5ive Days To Midnight

The People That Time Forgot


Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.

A Man Called Nereus


The Matrix

Your Future Has Been Adjusted.

Just Visiting

The Adjustment Bureau

Austin Powers in Goldmember

The battle to save the future has begun

Frenchman's Farm

The Futurist

Star Trek: First Contact

One Man's Desperate Race to Save The Earth From Ancient Demons!



Soju Senshi Psychic Wars

Nothing in the world can prepare you for ...

Being Erica

The Final Countdown

The Philadelphia Experiment

The impossibilities are endless.

Meet the Robinsons

Doctor Strange

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Charles Lattimer journeyed across time and found his one true love. But will he leave behind everything he's known to be with her forever?

Star Trek


For All Time

If you always want what you can't have, what do you want when you can have anything?

The 30 Second Mobius Time Machine



A Christmas Classic Everyone Can Believe In

Journey to the Beginning of Time


Ms. Scrooge

We're not just talking aliens. We're talking Australiens.


Masters Of The Universe

As Time Goes by

How can you destroy an army that's already dead?


If Only

Army of Darkness

Who Says You're Only Young Once?

Evil Dead II


17 Again

At the end of reality, dreams begin.

Amityville 1992: It's About Time

Orion's Key

Escape in Time

I spoke to my father today... He died 22 years ago.

2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey


Terror can fill any space.

The Invisible Boy


Time Tracers

Life is a mystery.

Twice Upon A Yesterday


The Tunnel

Beaming down to Earth December 12 1986

The Lost World

Man Of The Century

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Who cares about the future?

A.J.'s Time Travelers


Minority Report

Back in time to save the future.

Dark City

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Men in Black 3

The first one had rules

Biggles: Adventures in Time

Port Charles

Cube 2: Hypercube

The movie with the mystic touch for grownups who are still part youngsters... and youngsters are already part grownups!!!


Willy McBean and His Magic Machine

Another Day

For every decision... there's a consequence.

Day Break

Hercules in New York

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

They came to watch his world be destroyed. He fought to stop them.

Back to the Future Part II

The Returning

Grand Tour: Disaster In Time

A chance meeting, a band of friendship, and a wondrous miracle.



A Stranger In Time

Back In Time.


The Fountain

Men in Black 3

What if every moment in life came with a second chance?

The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines

Titanic: Adventure Out of Time

About Time

If you could go back in time, could you change history?

Johnny and the Bomb


Now and Before

Alex and his friends thought Excalibur was just a legend... They were wrong!

Kids of the Round Table

Star Knight

Before You Say 'I Do'

Fast food executive Jim Ferguson stepped out of his 47th floor office to go to the bathroom... and ended up in the middle of World War I. History will be grateful forever.

12 Monkeys

Biggles: Adventures in Time

Demolition Man

A comedy about a man out of his time and out of his mind.



Black Knight

Most Amazing Picture Ever Made

The Lost World

Nemesis 3: Time Lapse


The ultimate war between magic and science is about to begin.

The Flight of Dragons

Star Knight

Crusade In Jeans

Your Fate Has Been Adjusted.

Terminator Salvation

The Time Guardian

The Adjustment Bureau

Aladdin's Lamp comes of age in a hip Christmas fantasy for all ages!

Bernard and the Genie

The Lake House

Quantum Leap

It's time for a new kind of magic.

Hercules in New York


Highlander II: The Quickening

The people aboard flight 35 are about to land 1,000 years from where they planned to.


A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

She came from the future ...

Thrice Upon a Time

The Time Traveler

TMNT: Turtles Forever

You have to be there to see it.

The Ice Pirates

The Butterfly Effect

World Without End

Adventure comes to life

The Indian in The Cupboard

The Matrix

A Diva's Christmas Carol

Question reality.

The Thirteenth Floor


Time Warp

The funniest sci-fi movie of the summer.


Meet the Robinsons

My Science Project

Sent back through time.

Time and Again

Escape Through Time

Easton's Article

Lyle Swann is a champion off-road racer. But to the people of 1877, he's something very, very different...

Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann

Traveler Zero

2009: Lost Memories

He travelled to the future, to learn truth for the ages...

Time Changer

Time Chasers

The Adjustment Bureau

If you knew the ending to someone's life story... would you spoil it for them?


The Langoliers

Men in Black 3

Torn between country and love, time stopped in its tracks when she pulled the trigger!

Minority Report

Repeat Performance

deja vu

The sin of the past is the tragedy of the present.

2001: A Space Odyssey


Bertud ng putik

A Man Becomes Unstuck In Time In The Film That Became A Classic.


Time Trackers

Stuck In The Past

Can his past save our future?

Nemesis 4: Death Angel

Donovan's Echo


Nothing can prepare you.

Frenchman's Farm


The Forgotten

Ready for Christmas? Neither is Scrooge. But it only takes one night to change your life.

Time Bandits

Mork and Mindy

A Christmas Carol

Beyond fantasy. Beyond obsession. Beyond time itself... he will find her.


Somewhere in Time

2000 Years Later

Such minor changes, such huge consequences.

The Machinist


The Butterfly Effect

Helen is about to find that romance was never this much fun.

Back to the Future

Sliding Doors

Tumbledown Ranch in Arizona

There will be no calm before the storm.

Timeslip! (Time Tunnel Adventure #2)

Inspector Gadget 2


Turtles In Time

The Sarah Jane Adventures

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3

King MonsteråÊ

They're on a mission for Junior.

Juko's Time Machine

Raisin' Junior

The Charmings

What if you could love forever?

Prehistoric Women

The Fountain

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Have a Nice Apocalype.


Southland Tales

Black Knight

Think your family's weird?


Meet the Robinsons

Madman's Dance

A chosen group... a passage through time... a future transformed...


The Butterfly Effect 2

The 25th Reich

A Journey Into the Past... With Visitors From The Future

Stuck On You!

Flight of the Navigator

Aliens in the Wild, Wild West

The Legendary Hero...


Blackadder: Back & Forth

Hercules in New York

He was never in time for his classes... He wasn't in time for his dinner... Then one day... he wasn't in his time at all.

Peggy Sue Got Married

Star Knight

Back to the Future

Count to 3 and get ready to run...

The Fountain


Minority Report

Everything's Under control


Escape Velocity

Waxwork 2: Lost in Time

The end of time is just the beginning!


The Quiet Earth

Trancers 3

I held the gun, but fate pulled the trigger!

Repeat Performance

The Philadelphia Experiment

2001: A Space Odyssey

The future is history.

12 Monkeys

Event Horizon

Fetching Cody

Step Through "The Time Portal"

Lancelot: Guardian of Time

The Time Travelers

Highlander The Final Dimension

If you thought you had seen it all...look again!

Biggles: Adventures in Time


Terminator 2: Judgment Day

He's having the worst day of his life... over, and over...

The Time Machine

Groundhog Day

The Time Guardian

She saw the truth with her own eyes.

Primeval: New World

The 4400

The Devil's Arithmetic

Arnold's Original Classic!

Hercules in New York

Star Knight


An absent-minded professor discovers a super-secret that will give you the greatest lift since love!



Blackadder: Back & Forth

In the middle of the twentieth century, you fall off the brink of time!

Three Days

The Lost World

The Cipher Effect

Journey to a Savage World Where Time is Extinct!

The Land That Time Forgot

Ramsey Has A Time Machine

Austin Powers in Goldmember

Sometimes you have to take a step backwards to go forward.

Being Erica

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3

The Terminator

Death is the road to awe.

The Fountain

Twilight Zone: The Movie


On July 26th the Secret Will Be Exposed

Austin Powers in Goldmember

The Infinite Worlds of H.G. Wells

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

He's leaving his mark on history.

A Christmas Carol

Time at the Top

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

It's About Time.


Back to the Future Part II


Prehistoric sea-giant rages against city!


Meet the Robinsons

The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms

Everything begins now

S. Darko

End Of Time


He's having the day of his life...over and over again.

Waking Up

The Terminator

Groundhog Day

What hides in life is found in death.

The I Inside

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

The Deaths of Ian Stone

The Deeper You Go, The Darker It Gets

Mine Games

Edge of Tomorrow


He was never in time for his classes . . .Then one day he wasn't in his time at all.

Unidentified Flying Oddball

Back to the Future

The Heavenly Kid

Step Through "The Time Portal" beyond the crack in Space and Time where the fantastic world of the Future will freeze your blood with its weird horrors!


The Time Travelers

The Navigator: A Mediaeval Odyssey

See Timmie and his friend Robby the Robot combat the Super Computer

The Tomorrow Man

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

The Invisible Boy

Sometimes you do get a second chance.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Correcting Christmas

Always Will

A film about love and life and the chance to change them both.

Tales That Witness Madness

95ers: Time Runners

Peggy Sue Got Married

Can love cross the boundaries of time?

Danny Hollywood

About Time

Adventures of Baron Munchausen

ALL THIS.. plus that old gleam in HER EYES!


One Touch of Venus

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

Hollywood's future is history.


Napoleon Dynamite

Time Freak

It's nothing personal


Time Walker

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

They can't get off this crazy ride!


Terra Nova

The Lost Saucer

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