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Wednesday May 18th, 2022

On this day in 2009,
season 2 of Ashes to Ashes
episode 5: Blood Staines
was first broadcast.

Having heard television puppet Orville claim that she 'has made it to hospital' Alex (Keeley Hawes) attends a burglary of her future in-laws and 14-year-old spouse-to-be who obviously fail to recognize her.

Elizabeth Montgomery, American film, stage and television actress, died on this day in 1995 (and was born in 1933).

Traveled in 23 episodes of the TV series Bewitched (1964-1972)

On this day in 2018,
season 1 of Future-Worm!
episode 21: Finale
was first broadcast.

The Gem Quest that Danny (Andy Milonakis) long ignored comes back to haunt him when Bug's beloved pet, Hank Flappington, is stolen for the gem-engine Danny gave Bug to power him.

On this day in 1991,
season 3 of Superboy
episode 25: The Road To Hell: Part 1
was first broadcast.

Superboy (Gerard Christopher) is transported to an alternate-reality jungle and turned into a child, where he must fight for his life and avoid the evil alternate version of Lex Luthor.

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On this day in 2018,
season 1 of Future-Worm!
episode 20: Manchovy Prison Break/Wrong Place, Wrong Time/Future Danny Finale
was first broadcast.

Future-Worm and Danny team-up with Manchovy. Future Granny Danny plans to take down Regular Danny. Future Danny is captured by Future Granny Danny. Featuring Jess Harnell as Derik.

On this day in 1968,
season 5 of Doctor Who (1963-1989)
episode 38: The Wheel In Space (Part 4 of 6)
was first broadcast.

The Cybermen instruct their human slaves to smuggle them onto the Wheel while the Doctor (Patrick Troughton) attempts to convince Bennett of the threat they pose.

On this day in 2018,
Deadpool 2
first opened in theaters.

Foul-mouthed mutant mercenary Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool), brings together a team of fellow mutant rogues to protect a young boy with supernatural abilities from the brutal, time-traveling cyborg, Cable (Josh Brolin).

On this day in 1974,
season 11 of Doctor Who (1963-1989)
episode 23: Planet Of The Spiders (Part 3 of 6)
was first broadcast.

The Doctor (Jon Pertwee) and Sarah head to the meditation centre to try and get the crystal back while Lupton prepares to return it to Metebelis Three.But all their plans are disrupted when it is stolen by Tommy.

Bill Everett, American comic book writer-artist, creator of The Sub-Mariner, and co-creator of Daredevil, was born on this day in 1917 (and sadly passed away in 1973.)

Wrote and drew the Marvel Boy comic book adventure Murder By Magic (1951)

On this day in 2011,
season 2 of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
episode 13: The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya Part Four
was first broadcast.

As the SOS Brigade continues filming, Haruhi (Aya Hirano) tries to give Mikuru another contact lens, ergo another superpower, though Yuki quickly takes action and injects her with more nanomachines before any serious damage could be done.

Bertrand Russell, British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, writer, social critic and political activist., was born on this day in 1872 (and sadly passed away in 1970.)

Author of Russell's Paradox, which states "Does the set of all those sets that do not contain themselves contain itself?"

Happy 72nd Birthday Mark Mothersbaugh!

Mark Mothersbaugh, American singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, author, and visual artist, was born on this day in 1950.

Traveled in the film The Spirit of '76 (1990)

On this day in 2011,
season 1 of Steins;Gate
episode 7: Divergence Singularity
was first broadcast.

Okabe (Mamoru Miyano) takes his experimentation to the next level by texting the winning lotto numbers back in time, but he fails to consider how his actions might alter the present - or the future.

On this day in 2007,
Cherished Moments

Mui (Kathy Chow) is bored in her marriage to Ho Yin, a nerdy businessman. She encounters her first lover, a humorous guy named Lung Fei. She is accidentally transported back to four years ago when she was still single.

On this day in 2013,
season 7 of Doctor Who (2005- )
episode 13: The Name Of The Doctor
was first broadcast.

The Doctor's friends are being kidnapped, which leads him to the fields of Trenzalore, where his greatest secret will be revealed and Clara (Jenna Coleman)'s mystery will be solved.

Joseph Pevney, American film and television director, died on this day in 2008 (and was born in 1911).

Directed the TV series Star Trek episode City On The Edge of Forever (1967)

Happy 69th Birthday David Deutsch!

David Deutsch, British-Israeli physicist, was born on this day in 1953.

Hosted the TV movie Time Travel: The Next Frontier

Happy 22nd Birthday Addison Holley!

Addison Holley, Canadian actress, was born on this day in 2000.

Traveled in the TV series Little Charmers episode "A Charming Do Over" (2015)

On this day in 2011,
season 2 of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
episode 12: The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya Part Three
was first broadcast.

As the SOS Brigade continue filming, Haruhi (Aya Hirano), displeased with the battle sequence, conjures the idea Mikuru shooting laser beams from the blue contact lens on her left eye.

On this day in 2018,
How Long Will I Love U
first opened in theaters.

A woman from 2018 and a man from 1999 wake up in the same bed. They discover they can time travel using the bedroom door, and make changes to their eras, but that their destinies may not be in their own hands.

Daws Butler, American actor and voice actor, died on this day in 1988 (and was born in 1923).

Traveled as Peter Potamus in the Peter Potamus show (1964-66), in the TV series The Jetsons episode "Instant Replay" (1985), in the film The Phantom Tollbooth (1970), and the TV movies The Jetsons Christmas Carol (1985) and The Jetsons Meet The Flintstones (1987)

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On this day in 2016,
season 1 of Genius by Stephen Hawking
episode 1: Can We Time Travel?
was first broadcast.

Join Stephen Hawking as he challenges three ordinary people to determine if time travel is possible. The fascinating journey of discovery features DeLoreans, atomic clocks, a giant black hole and a large swath of New York City.

On this day in 1997,
Wyrd Sisters

On Discworld, (a world carried on four elephants standing on a huge turtle traveling in space), in a small country called Lancre, three witches, the flowery Magrat Garlick, the lively Nanny Ogg and their leader Granny Weatherwax find themselves dragged into royal politics. Featuring Christopher Lee as Death.

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On this day in 2016,
season 1 of Looped
episode 14b: Ronnie Trasco
was first broadcast.

The boys meet Ronnie Trasco, an undercover PI on a mission to recover a missing doll. Featuring Kevin Duhaney as Theo.

Happy 30th Birthday Spencer Breslin!

Spencer Breslin, American actor and musician, was born on this day in 1992.

Traveled in the films Disney's The Kid (2000), and Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006)

On this day in 2016,
season 1 of Looped
episode 14a: Space Burrito
was first broadcast.

Luc (Lyon Smith) angers some aliens when he drinks all the sauce at the Goulash Burrito.

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On this day in 1991,
season 1 of Captain Planet and the Planeteers
episode 24: Two Futures: Part 1
was first broadcast.

Hoggish Greedly (Edward Asner) prepares to enter Dr. Blight's time pool to travel back to the 1950s where he can profit through development as much as he pleases without having to worry about environmental policies.

Wayne Allwine, American voice actor, sound effects editor and foley artist, died on this day in 2009 (and was born in 1947).

Traveled in the TV series Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (2006)


Travel through time in the world of pop culture...


Which title below delivers this tagline?

New Continent. New Adventure. Still No Clue.


The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines

Minority Report

They Had To Change The Past -- Or Today's World Would Flame With Horror!

Field of Dreams

My Science Project

Timeslip! (Time Tunnel Adventure #2)

He's having the day of his life...over and over again.

Before I Fall

Past Perfect

Groundhog Day

If it's just us, it seems like an awful waste of space.


The Philadelphia Experiment 2


Change one thing, Change everything.

Vincent and Me

The Butterfly Effect 2

The Butterfly Effect

Time travel ain't what it used to be.

Mr. Nobody

Fetching Cody

The Lost Saucer

Beyond time. Beyond the known universe. Beyond imagination. An adventure for a new generation.

Star Trek: Generations

Ghost Warrior

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

What if everything you've experienced, everything you've known... Never happened?

Waxwork 2: Lost in Time

Stuck On You!

The Forgotten

The end is only the beginning.

The Butterfly Effect

What Dreams May Come

The Time Travelers

When a chance encounter becomes a deadly adventure.

Future Hunters

Frenchman's Farm

Prehistoric Park

If you knew the ending to someone's life story... would you spoil it for them?

Masters Of The Universe


Minority Report

The secret to the future lies... beneath the Bermuda Triangle

The Terminator

The I Inside

Time Under Fire

Anywhere. Anything. Instantly.


Time of the Apes


Be Afraid Of The Future

The Matrix

The Lost World

Time Lapse

You Will Be Assimilated

Star Trek: First Contact

Yanlis zaman yolculari (Wrong Time Travelers)

Escape to Witch Mountain

What's real? What's not?

Iron Sky


Escape in Time

Part gift. Part curse. Part destiny.

The Others

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me


Discover something incredible...

The Hunt For the Hidden Relic

The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms

Box of Moonlight

It happens beyond madness - where your mind won't believe what your eyes see.



Tales That Witness Madness

Still The Ultimate Trip.

Escape to Witch Mountain

Terra Nova

2001: A Space Odyssey

He's Yesterday's Answer to Today's World.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

One Touch of Venus

Man Of The Century

Even the smallest of light... shines in the darkness

Prehistoric Women

Seeker: The Dark Is Rising


We must not destroy the world.

My Science Project

The Family Man

Biggles: Adventures in Time

The most powerful force in the universe lies within the depths of the human heart.

Star Trek: First Contact

Lost In Space

Yesterday Was a Lie

Protecting a world that doesn't know they exist.

Mutant X

Futurama: Bender's Big Score

The Man from Earth

What would you do if you were accused of a murder, you had not committed... yet?

Army of Darkness


Minority Report

Kick some past.

Hot Tub Time Machine

Convergence (aka Premonition)


It's not where you're going. It's who you are when you get there.

Time After Time

The Eliminators

Being Erica

Do you believe in time travel? Do you believe in John Titor? Find out the Truth!

Masters Of The Universe

Journey to the Beginning of Time


What is The Matrix?


The Matrix

Cinderella III: A Twist in Time

When you die, all you want to do is come back.

The Jacket

Assassin of the Tsar

Demolition Man

I was 27 years old the first time I died.

Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time


The Jacket

Be warned. Be ready.


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


Get terminated July 3rd

Clive Barker presents Saint Sinner

Megas XLR

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

A Christmas Classic Everyone Can Believe In

Amityville 1992: It's About Time

Escape in Time

Ms. Scrooge

The Truth Will Be Revealed (Season 2)

12 Dates of Christmas


2000 Years Later

He astonished people with his imagination. He shocked people with his genius. He'll mesmerize you with his story.


The Infinite Worlds of H.G. Wells

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3

A comedy about the end of the world

Nemesis 2: Nebula

Dr. Plonk

Bernard and the Genie

Miracles Do Happen!


Austin Powers in Goldmember

One Magic Christmas

Get Ready, The Fourth Reich Is Here.

Iron Sky

The Lost World

The Machinist

If they lived in the same century they'd be perfect for each other.


Kate & Leopold

Port Charles

Believe the unbelievable

The Matrix

Second Time Lucky


The farm . . . where the calendar plays strange tricks.

Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Frenchman's Farm

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Imagine! A scientific genius named H.G. Wells stalks a criminal genius named Jack the Ripper across time itself, in the most ingenious thriller of our time...


Time After Time


An Adventure For Those Who Seek To Find A Way To Leave Their World Behind.




I spoke to my father today... He died 22 years ago.

Doctor Strange



It will take you a million light years from home. But will it bring you back?




Time Will Tell!

Time Changer

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Brace yourself amigos for a most triumphant video!

A Christmas Carol


Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Two wizards from the past on a quest into the future

King MonsteråÊ

Dark City

The Lords of Magick

What if you could see the impact of your beliefs? One man will.

The Lost World

Planet of the Apes

Time Changer

The north. The south. The undead.

The Deaths of Ian Stone

Tin Man

Army of Frankensteins

A secret past can destroy the future.

Crusade In Jeans

The Forbidden Stone

Yor, the Hunter from the Future

A chosen group... a passage through time... a future transformed...



Sliding Doors

Find Yourself (Season 3)

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

A Christmas Carol


July 11, 2006. 6:20PM. He died on board one of 7 trains that were bombed on the suburban railway in Mumbai. That was 22 years ago... there's still time to save him.

The World's Most Fabulous Object


2001: A Space Odyssey

Terror has a new name.

The Jacket


Minority Report

Have a Nice Apocalype.

The Matrix

Southland Tales

In Time

What if you had tomorrow's news... today?

Early Edition



What would happen if you could see a tragedy that has not happened yet?

X-Men Days of Future Past

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Deja Vu

There is a future that we can't wait for.

The Lake House


The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Everybody Runs

Timefighters In The Land Of Fantasy

Minority Report

The 1940s House

The path is unsafe. The place is unknown. The journey is unbelievable.

The Forbidden Kingdom

The Thirteenth Floor


The people aboard flight 35 are about to land 1,000 years from where they planned to.


95ers: Time Runners


If you think your family's different, wait 'til you meet the family of the future.

Meet the Robinsons

The Flight of Dragons

Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Out of Your Own Tomorrow... Out of Time and Space a Fearsome Power!

Late For Dinner

The Twonky

The Adjustment Bureau

A little guilt goes a long way...

Edge of Tomorrow

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

The Machinist

Party on, dudes!

Donnie Darko

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Being Erica

From now on, history is going to change the future

Mirror, Mirror

95ers: Time Runners


It's Tremendous!! It's Stupendous!! It's Fun!!

Hercules in New York


Mr. Destiny

A Science-Friction Masterpiece

Durango Kids

The Phantom of the Opera

The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock

David is eight years late for dinner... and the U.S. Government wants to know why. But David has an excuse, an absolutely fantastic excuse!

Flight of the Navigator


The I Inside

The Future Can Be Your Worst Nightmare

Flight World War II


An Angel for May

Dreams Are Made of Second Chances

Men in Black 3

Waking Up

The Three Stooges Meet Hercules

They traveled back where 23rd century man had never gone before. To a mad, crazy, outrageous time. 1986.

It Came from Yesterday

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

What happened when the time machine returned...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3

In Time

Morlock Night

ALL THIS.. plus that old gleam in HER EYES!

Donovan's Echo

One Touch of Venus

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Evil will strike again... it's only a matter of time.

The Invisible Boy

2000 Years Later

Ticking Clock

He's still evil... He's still deadly... and he's still surrouded by frickin' idiots!

Austin Powers in Goldmember

Carol For Another Christmas

15 Till Midnight

A book from the far future was his ticket through time.

The Heavenly Kid

World Without End

Time and Again

Hundreds of Years Ago... They Fought Back!

Back to the Future

Alien vs. Ninja

Johnny and the Bomb

Free your mind

The Matrix

Austin Powers in Goldmember

Peggy Sue Got Married

In the past... Lies our future



The Time Trap Series: Time Trap

Everyone wants one



Star Trek: Generations

You Can't Go Forward Until You've Gone Back.

The Time Machine


Phantasm IV: Oblivion

A love story that touches two lives....a century apart.

The Love Letter

My Future Boyfriend

Idaho Transfer

People of Earth, we are here to help...

5ive Days To Midnight

Earth: Final Conflict

Future War

An elite military team sent back in time. They will not return... alone.

100 Million BC


Madman's Dance

Anywhere Is Possible.

The Time Traveler


Being Erica

There are monsters loose in the world. And they are the key to the future of our race.

Sky Pirates


Out of Time

Beyond Time, Beyond Space... The Ultimate Adventure Is About To Begin


The Time Machine

Night of Dark Shadows

A modern twist on a classic tale of knighthood and sorcery

A Young Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court


For All Time

Everyone in the world will get a flash of their own future.

The Terminator

The Lost World


The forces of good! The forces of evil!


Yellow Submarine

Denver, The Last Dinosaur

Don't Tell Them What They Can't Do


Star Trek: First Contact


He raced through time to save a girl not yet born.



Life On Mars (2008-2009)

Get off on...Interstate 60.

Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road

Zathura: A Space Adventure

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Past Predator, Present Alien, Future Terminator

Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road


Future War

You have to be there to see it.

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

The Ice Pirates

Encino Man

The greatest adventure THROUGH all time!

The Time Machine

The Undead

The Fountain

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