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Sunday May 28th, 2023

On this day in 2011,
season 6 of Doctor Who (2005- )
episode 6: The Almost People (Part 2)
was first broadcast.

As the dopplegangers - 'gangers' for short - fight their makers, both Doctors, the real one and his ganger, try to find a way to restore the power and get everyone off the island. Matt Smith stars as The Doctor.

On this day in 1966,
season 3 of Doctor Who (1963-1989)
episode 38: The Savages (Part 1 of 4)
was first broadcast.

The Doctor (William Hartnell), Steven and Dodo arrive in the far future and are welcomed by the advanced civilisation of the Elders but soon begin to suspect they are hiding a secret.

Happy 49th Birthday Romain Duris!

Romain Duris, French actor, was born on this day in 1974.

Traveled in the film Peut-tre (1999)

Georgiy Timofeyevich Zatsepin, Soviet/Russian astrophysicist, was born on this day in 1917 (and sadly passed away in 2010.)

Co-authored the GZK Paradox (aka the Cosmic Ray Paradox), where high-energy cosmic rays have been observed that seem to violate the Greisen-Zatsepin-Kuzmin limit, which is a consequence of special relativity.

On this day in 1944,
It Happened Tomorrow
first opened in theaters.

A young turn-of-the-century newspaper man (Dick Powell) finds he can get hold of the next day's paper. This brings more problems than fortune, especially as his new girlfriend is part of a phony clairvoyant act.

Happy 68th Birthday Geoffrey A. Landis!

Geoffrey A. Landis, American scientist, working for the National aeronautics and Space administration (NaSa) on planetary exploration, interstellar propulsion, solar power and photovoltaics; also a writer of hard science fiction., was born on this day in 1955.

Authored the short stories "Ripples in the Dirac Sea" (1988) and "At Dorado" (2002)

On this day in 2016,
season 1 of Lost In The West
episode 1:
was first broadcast.

Part 1: Best bros Chip (Caleb Thomas) and Dave saddle up for a whirlwind adventure when Chip's latest invention accidentally transports them back in time to the Wild West.

On this day in 1994,
season 2 of Time Trax
episode 14: The Last M.I.A.
was first broadcast.

Darien (Dale Midkiff) is wounded while in pursuit of a fugitive from the future.

Happy 54th Birthday Justin Kirk!

Justin Kirk, American actor, was born on this day in 1969.

Traveled in the TV series University of Andy episode "Time Travel" (2010)

Phil Hartman, Canadian-American actor, voice actor, comedian screenwriter and graphic artist, died on this day in 1998 (and was born in 1948).

Traveled as the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer in various sketches on the TV series Saturday Night Live (1991)

Happy 35th Birthday Meisa Kuroki!

Meisa Kuroki, Japanese actress, model and singer, was born on this day in 1988.

Traveled in the TV miniseries Time Spiral (2014)

On this day in 2014,
Barbie Life in The Dreamhouse
first opened in theaters.

Raquelle (Haviland Stillwell) stumbles into an alternate world where she's the star, but stardom may not be as fulfilling as she thought.

On this day in 2005,
season 3 of Timeblazers
episode 8: Bikes
was first broadcast.

Alex has a problem; his bike is broken, which gets him to wondering where did bikes come from in the first place. Heidi Leigh co-stars as Jen.

On this day in 1978,
season 1 of Come Back, Lucy
episode 6:
was first broadcast.

Young Lucy (Emma Bakhle) is bereaved and sent to live with her cousins. She makes a friend in Alice. But Alice has been dead for over a hundred years and wishes to drag Lucy back in time, to play with her for eternity.

John Karlen, American character actor, was born on this day in 1933 (and sadly passed away in 2020.)

Traveled in the TV series Dark Shadows (1969,1970,1971) and the film Night of Dark Shadows (1971)

Happy 38th Birthday Carey Mulligan!

Carey Mulligan, English actress, was born on this day in 1985.

Traveled in the TV series Doctor Who episode "Blink" (2007)

On this day in 1977,
2000 A.D.
was released.

Flesh is a recurring story in the weekly anthology comic 2000 AD created by writer Pat Mills.

Happy 55th Birthday Kylie Minogue!

Kylie Minogue, Australian singer, songwriter, actress, was born on this day in 1968.

Traveled in the TV Series Doctor Who "Voyage Of The Damned" (2007)

Happy 44th Birthday Jesse Bradford!

Jesse Bradford, American actor, was born on this day in 1979.

Traveled in the film Clockstoppers (2002)

On this day in 2005,
season 1 of Doctor Who (2005- )
episode 10: The Doctor Dances
was first broadcast.

The Doctor, Rose (Billie Piper) and Captain Jack Harkness are still in the hospital with the gas mask-wearing mutants and are having some trouble finding a way out.

On this day in 2002,
season 1 of Manor House
episode 6: Winners and Losers
was first broadcast.

The latter-day Edwardians prepare to leave the past behind them. Starring Tristan Aldrich.

Happy 79th Birthday Patricia Quinn!

Patricia Quinn, Irish actress and singer, was born on this day in 1944.

Traveled in the TV series Doctor Who episode Dragonfire (1987), the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), the TV movie A Christmas Carol: Being A Story of Christmas (1977), and the TV series Hammer House of Horror episode "Witching Time" (1980)

On this day in 2014,
"A Word in Pompey's Ear"
was released.

After a history graduate student has her research proposal dismissed by her professor, she runs into a woman who offers to put her ideas about Pompey the Great and the Roman Civil War to a real-world test. Written by Christopher Nuttall.

On this day in 1993,
first opened in theaters.

Model Mona (Oyafunmike Ogunlano) returns home to Ghana for a photo-shoot in an old fort which used to house thousands of slaves awaiting shipment overseas. She becomes possessed by the spirit of a former slave and is transported back in time to a sugar plantation in the States.

On this day in 1999,
season 1 of Thunderstone
episode 16: Meeting with the Shadow Master
was first broadcast.

Trapped in North Col, Noah (Jeffrey Walker) and Geneva attempt to prove they are telling the truth about time travel.

On this day in 1999,
The Thirteenth Floor
first opened in theaters.

Computer scientist Hannon Fuller (Armin Mueller-Stahl) discovers a letter from within his computer generated parallel world, that's just like the 1930's with seemingly real people with real emotions.

On this day in 2016,
season 2 of Outlander
episode 8: The Fox's Lair
was first broadcast.

Claire and Jamie (Sam Heughan) return to Scotland, and back to their home, Lallybroch. Away from the nightmares of Paris, they find solace until a letter arrives.

On this day in 2015,
Kung Fury
first opened in theaters.

In 1985, Kung Fury (David Sandberg), the toughest martial artist cop in Miami, goes back in time to kill the worst criminal of all time - kung fuhrer Hitler.

Happy 62nd Birthday Richard A. Knaak!

Richard A. Knaak, American writer, was born on this day in 1961.

Author of the Warcraft War of the Ancients trilogy: The Well of Eternity, Demon Soul, The Sundering (2004-05)


Happy 69th Birthday Townsend Coleman!

Townsend Coleman, American voice actor, was born on this day in 1954.

Traveled in numerous TV series including Transformers (1986), Dino-Riders (1988), Ring Raiders (1989), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989,91), Where's Waldo (1991) and The Tick (1995-96)

Happy 36th Birthday Jessica Rothe!

Jessica Rothe, American actress, was born on this day in 1987.

Traveled in the films Happy Death Day (2017) and Happy Death Day 2U (2019)

On this day in 2000,
season 1 of Mirai Sentai Timeranger
episode 16: A Soba Dream
was first broadcast.

In the 30th century, time travel becomes illegal after a time paradox crisis. The Time Protection Department (TPD) is established to watch for and stop time crimes. Narration by Yukitoshi Hori

On this day in 1995,
season 1 of A.J.'s Time Travelers
episode 24: Brooklyn Bridge
was first broadcast.

15 year old AJ likes to learn so he uses his time machine to enter into a world of fantasy. This time, he and his friends visit Emily Roebling (Carol Kane) and the Brooklyn Bridge.

On this day in 1966,
season 1 of Astro Boy
episode 169: Gift From The Future
was first broadcast.

Visitors from the future, and a dinosaur. Starring Billie Lou Watt as Astro Boy.

On this day in 2005,
season 1 of 4 Against Z
episode 8: Perfect Dreams
was first broadcast.

German children's television program show in which four children are appointed as "Wachter" (guardians) by their deceased aunt Hedda to prevent Zanrelot, the "Herrscher der Finsternis" - the lord of darkness (Udo Kier) from leaving the underworld and gaining control over Lubeck.

On this day in 2010,
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
first opened in theaters.

A young fugitive prince (Jake Gyllenhaal) and princess must stop a villain who unknowingly threatens to destroy the world with a special dagger that enables the magic sand inside to reverse time.

On this day in 2007,
season 5 of Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles
episode 21: #98 - Same Old, Same Old
was first broadcast.

Tucker finds out that Wyoming has the ability to loop time, having gained it from the AI implantation process, just like Tex's camouflage and York's regeneration. Written, directed, and co-starring Burnie Burns.


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Past and present collide

The Philadelphia Experiment

Napoleon Dynamite

The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations

Someday in the past he will find her...

Somewhere in Time

Dark City

Cube 2: Hypercube

You Can't Cheat Time



Austin Powers in Goldmember

Your Fate Has Been Adjusted.


The Adjustment Bureau

Galaxy Quest

You Were Expecting Someone Else?

Hamlet A.D.D.


Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

You Will Be Assimilated

Star Trek: First Contact

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Adventures of Baron Munchausen

David is eight years late for dinner... and the U.S. Government wants to know why. But David has an excuse, an absolutely fantastic excuse!


Donnie Darko

Flight of the Navigator

To Save the Past, He Must Change The Future

Clive Barker presents Saint Sinner

The Matrix

Correcting Christmas

Hold onto yours

King MonsteråÊ

Last Breath

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3

The Original Adventure To A World Like No Other


Meet the Robinsons

The Lost World

A woman's mystical journey from near death to new destiny.


Another Day

Terminal Voyage

Pure evil never really dies.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

2001: A Space Odyssey

Peggy Sue Got Married

Close your eyes. Open your heart.

Future Zone

The Science Of Sleep

The Three Stooges Meet Hercules

Brace yourself amigos for a most triumphant video!

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure



A thousand years of naked terror!

Man Of The Century

Biggles: Adventures in Time

The Undead

Remember the future.


Dinosaur Experiment

Carol For Another Christmas

Her destiny is calling...

Tru Calling

The Timekeeper (From Time To Time)

A Kid in King Arthur's Court

Love. Murder. Time Travel

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

The Man From Primrose Lane

The Outer Limits (1963-65)

It's not until someone tells you for the last time that you hear it for the first time.

Almost Normal

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

The World's Most Fabulous Object

A magical family adventure!

Flight of the Navigator

Escape to Grizzly Mountain

13 Going On 30

Pleasantville - It's Just Around the Corner

The Lost Saucer

Trancers II


Beware the task of the savage goddess - ruler of a kingdom of women

Inspector Gadget 2

Prehistoric Women

TMNT: Turtles Forever

The rules have been reset.

Titanic: Adventure Out of Time

Hercules in New York

Terminator: Genisys

The future begins.

Being Erica

Star Trek


In the 25th Century, A New Breed Of Hero.

Ramsey Has A Time Machine



Time's Running Out!

Grand Tour: Disaster In Time

Time Gal

Hot Tub Time Machine 2

He's not your ordinary superhero.

Escape Through Time

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me


The north. The south. The undead.

Army of Frankensteins

Mine Games


If you had a second chance, would you grab it?

Fetching Cody

Dimension 5

Judas Kiss

There are two sides to every story. Helen is about to live both of them the same time.

Sliding Doors

Man Of The Century

The Time Machine

Right place. Wrong time.

Land of the Lost

For All Time

Black Knight

The Future Can Be Seen. Murder Can be Prevented. The Guilty Punished Before the Crime is Committed. The System is Perfect. It's Never Wrong. Until It Comes After You.

Terminator Salvation

The Machinist

Minority Report

She Has The Power


My Future Boyfriend


Next year you're history!


The Time Guardian


He was never in time for his classes... He wasn't in time for his dinner... Then one day... he wasn't in his time at all.

The Invisible Boy

Back to the Future

Sliding Doors

He's having the worst day of his life... over, and over...

That Was Then

Groundhog Day

Yanlis zaman yolculari (Wrong Time Travelers)

History is about to be rewritten by two guys who can't spell...

Beyond the Time Barrier


Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Full-Length Muscle-Headed Feature Film!

The Three Stooges Meet Hercules

Hamlet A.D.D.


The Wildest Chase of the Century!

Time After Time

A Young Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Back to the Future Part II

Live. Die. Repeat.

Edge of Tomorrow


The 4400

They know who you are...



If Only

An Adventure To The Past.

Escape in Time

Black Knight


He was a visitor from another world, an alien in medieval times. So they called him a Knight, and his spaceship, a Dragon.


The Butterfly Effect

Star Knight

Some hide. They seek.



Stuck On You!

Reality is a thing of the past.

The Matrix

Before You Say 'I Do'

Time of the Apes

Such minor changes, such huge consequences.

Sophie's World

The Butterfly Effect

Raisin' Junior

They came from the future to save their past.

Planet of the Apes



A New Generation Of Incredible Apes In The Most Exciting Suspense Film Of Them All

Escape from the Planet of the Apes


Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Torn between country and love, time stopped in its tracks when she pulled the trigger!

Repeat Performance

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

World Without End

Can love cross the boundaries of time?

Danny Hollywood

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Almost Normal

Don't stay in 1408.

As Time Goes by

Minority Report


Three families. Four generations. Fifty years of secrets.


Future Past

Zathura: A Space Adventure

A matter of time and death.

Convergence (aka Premonition)


2001: A Space Odyssey

This Diwali, forget the present... and change the past!

Tin Man

Action Replayy

95ers: Time Runners

A Land Where Time Stands Still and The Exotic Action Never Stops!


Dinosaur Valley Girls

It Came from Yesterday

Time does not exist. Only choice.

95ers: Time Runners

Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road

Action Replayy

The torch of adventure is about to be passed.

Star Trek: Generations

Mr. Nobody


To Save the Future, They Must Change The Past, and Lose The Present!


Thrice Upon a Time

Tales That Witness Madness

What would you do if you had the power to rewind time?


Madman's Dance

Flight of the Navigator

Synchronize your watches. The future's coming back...

Back to the Future Part II

Aliens in the Wild, Wild West

Bertud ng putik

Vegas needs a new king.

Six-String Samurai

The Fountain

Evil Dead II

If you could change the past, would you?

Past Perfect


Thrill Seekers

A Spectacle of the World of Tomorrow! Fantastic Sights to Stagger the Imagination!

Beyond the Time Barrier

Happy Accidents


Anywhere. Anything. Instantly.

The Adjustment Bureau

Army of Darkness


Most Amazing Picture Ever Made

The Time Machine

The Lost World

From Time to Time

Ensuring the past to protect our future.

12 Dates of Christmas

Alien vs. Ninja

Time Squad

His crime wasn't stealing time. He was giving it away.


Ghost Warrior

In Time

She came from the future ...

The Langoliers

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

The Time Traveler

Never has a time warp been quite as warped as this.

Biggles: Adventures in Time

Doubting Thomas


Just when you thought it was safe to look at the calendar again.

Saturday the 14th

Primeval: New World

Back to the Future Part II

A package from decades in the future unleashes an adventure beyond imagination

The Last Mimzy

5ive Days To Midnight


Once you've seen the future, you can't look away

5ive Days To Midnight

Time Lapse

Tales That Witness Madness

To rescue their father, they must save the universe.

A Wrinkle in Time

Night of Dark Shadows

Time Bandits

The funniest sci-fi movie of the summer.

The Final Countdown

The Invisible Boy

My Science Project

In the Year of Darkness, 2029, the rulers of this planet devised the ultimate plan. They would reshape the Future by changing the Past. The plan required something that felt no pity. No pain. No fear. Something unstoppable. They created 'THE TERMINATOR'

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Iron Sky

The Terminator

What Happens When The Numbers Run Out?

Star Knight

House II: The Second Story


17 year old Marty McFly got home early last night. 30 years early.


Back to the Future

Being Erica

To escape his future, he must control his past

Mister Scrooge to See You

Easton's Article


Everybody Runs

Minority Report

2000 Years Later

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3

The Machines Will Rise

Time Runner

The Fountain

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Some secrets we keep. Some are kept from us.

Up the Line

The Man with the Broken Time Machine


They are back... in time.

Men in Black 3

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

The Lost World

A Man Becomes Unstuck In Time In The Film That Became A Classic.


The Hunt For the Hidden Relic

Cyborg 2087

Time is Just About The Only Thing He Won't Waste

Time at the Top

The Time Guardian

Seeker: The Dark Is Rising

Ready for Christmas? Neither is Scrooge. But it only takes one night to change your life.

A Christmas Carol


Port Charles

A deadly mission from the future on route to the present.


In Time

Total Reality

What if you could go back in time... BUT, for only 30 seconds... AND, you were too dumb to realize it??

The 30 Second Mobius Time Machine

Dark Country


A chosen group... a passage through time... a future transformed...

Timeslip! (Time Tunnel Adventure #2)


The I Inside

Fear Comes In Waves

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Yellow Submarine


The Ultimate Time Transport must be Destroyed to Save the Future...

Time Chasers

The One


It's my time traveling finger!

The Science Of Sleep

Time Trackers

Time Traveling Finger

Hunted . . . haunted . . . wanted . . . like beasts of prey!


Planet of the Apes


Love Is Longer Than Life

The Returning


Kate & Leopold

Free your mind

The Matrix

The Matrix

The Matrix

150,000,000 Years Ago or Today?

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

The Last Dinosaur

The Lost World

One Man's Desperate Race to Save The Earth From Ancient Demons!


Soju Senshi Psychic Wars

The Matrix

She's gone back to the 90's -- and she's doing it differently this time.

Trancers 3



Two captains. One destiny.


Austin Powers in Goldmember

Star Trek: Generations

They've Found the Missing Link... To Mayhem!

Tom's Midnight Garden

Time Warp

The People That Time Forgot

Terror beyond your wildest dreams.

Army of Darkness

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

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