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Doctor Who (2005- ) – 28014

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – 28029

The lines between past, present and future blur as Sabrina stages an act of heroic restoration. But will her powers prove to be enough?

Legends of Tomorrow – 28017

Worlds lived, worlds died. Nothing will ever be the same.

Legends of Tomorrow – 28022

Doctor Who (2005- ) – 28016

Doctor Who (2005- ) – 28013

From ancient Syria to present day Sheffield, and out into the wilds of space, something is stalking the Doctor and infecting people’s nightmares.

Doctor Who (2005- ) – 28015

Legends of Tomorrow – 28021

Legends of Tomorrow – 28018

Sara, Ray and Mick are shocked to discover that the Legends have become famous. It seems that everyone except Sara is loving the spotlight, so much so that they invite a documentary crew on board the Waverider to film them as they investigate a strange new blip in the Timeline. The Legends discover that their …READ MORE

Legends of Tomorrow – 28020

When the Legends discover a new Encore, Sara, Rory and Ava end up crashing a high school reunion to attempt to stop a serial killer from finishing unfinished business. The Legends devise a plan to send Nate, Ray, Nora, Behrad and their hostage Zari, back in time to try and intervene in order to try …READ MORE